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Jeffrey Quick

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See Jeffrey Quick's works collected at the University of Akron.


Archived Works List

Blues in A (1998)
Instrumentation: Piano

Chasmalim (1995)
Instrumentation:  Brass Quintet

The Convert (A Hundred Years Hence) text by Aleister Crowley (1994)
Instrumentation: Sop, Bar and Piano

"Dry" Brautiganlieder (1973-75 / rev. 1985) I. Romeo and Juliet; II. The Winos on Potrero Hill; III. Restaurant
Instrumentation: Tenor and Piano

Five Dorothy Parker Songs, words by Dorothy Parker: One Perfect Rose; Interior (1981); Résumé (1986); Fable (1981-82); Frustration (1985)
Instrumentation: Voice and Pinao

For a Lamb (1977) text by Richard Everhart
Instrumentation: Soprano and Piano

Huntress (1990 / rev.1996)
Instrumentation: Small orchestra (2222 2210 2perc harp strings)

Loam Army, variations for band in memoriam of David Munrow (1978)
Instrumentation: Band (21614 44311 6perc pna)

Lost Mistress with Sisters (1991)
Instrumentation: Bar and Piano

Man is the Child of God (1986) "M.M.G." from Christian Science Hymnal
Instrumentation: Mezzo-Sop and Organ

My Love in Her Attire (1995) text: aono. Elizabethan
Instrumentation: Baritone and Piano

Piano Trio (1997)
Instrumentation: vln, cello, and piano

Picnic Music (1992)
Instrumentation: Recorder Quartet (SATB)

A Ritual for the Mother (1993) text by Katherine Judd
Instrumentation: Sop, mezzo-sop, alto, tenor recorder, harp

A Salad of Spirituals (1996)
Instrumentation: Woodwind Trio (Fl, Bb Cl, Bsn)

Saturday Morning (1997) text by T.W. Gilbert
Instrumentation: Soprano and Piano

Sonata for Euphonium and Piano (1998)
Instrumentation: Euphonium and Piano                                                 

String Quartet (1974/1988)
Instrumentation: 2vln, vla, cello

Sweet Day (1980/1996)
Instrumentation: SATB piano(reh only)

Terzetto Joviale (1998)
Intsrumentation: Woodwind Trio (Fl, Bb Cl, Bsn)

Theme from Love Story (1994)
Instrumentation: Soprano Krummhorn, 2 Alto Recorder, Tenor Recorder, Cello/VdG/Guitar

Three Songs for Bain (1993) in memoriam J.D. Bain Murray: 1. After Psalm 90 (Isaac Watts); 2. In the Grave No Flower (Edna St. Vincent Millay); 3. Whispers of Heavenly Death (Walt Whitman)
Instrumentation: medium voice and piano

Trio for Clarinet, Viola, and Piano for the Magnolia Ensemble (1989-90)
Instrumentation: Clarinet, Viola, Piano

What Soft Cherubic Creatures (1994) text by Emily Dickinson
Instrumentaion: Sop and Piano

The Wish to be Generous (after J. Dowland) (1991) poem by Wendell Berry
Instrumentation: Baritone and Piano

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