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Ohio State University
School of Music

Ohio Theory-Composition Teachers Fall Meeting
Program of Faculty Composers

Saturday, November 1, 1960 at 3:30pm
Hughes Hall Auditorium


Ten Variations for Violin Duo

Mark Walker
Youngstown State University

Elizabeth Jones and Kathryn Walker, violin


Ian Polster
Central State University

(Taped Performance - Springfield Symphony Orchsetra)

Two Movements for 'Cello and Piano

Walter Winzenburger
Baldwin-Wallace College

Ester Pierce, 'cello
Evelyn Gott, piano

All-Seeing Figure from Markings

Ronald Pellegrino
Ohio State University

(for stereo tape)

Stop the War

Steven Birchall
Wilmington College

John Burrow
Reggie Broadnay
Steven Groninger
Douglas Hinkley
Peter Weber
Steven Birchall, conductor

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