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3rd May Festival
Contemporary Music

The Cleveland Institute of Music
collaborating with the
Cleveland Composers Guild

presents the

Fifth Program

May 24 at 8:30pm
The Cleveland Museum of Art


Sonata in E for Violin and Piano (1935)

Paul Hindemith

Ruhig bewegt
Langsam - sehr labhaft

Giorgio Ciompi, violin
William Kurzban, piano

Le Travail du Peintre (1956)

Francis Poulenc

Seven Melodies on Poems by Paul Eluard

1.  Pablo Picasso
2.  Marc Chagall
3.  Georges Braque
4.  Juan Gris
5.  Paul Klee
6.  Joan Miró
7.  Jacques Villon

Marie Kraft, mezzo-soprano
Marianne Mastics, piano

Piano Sonata in One Movement

Bain Murray

Allegro con brio
tempo di Saraband
tempo primo

Variations on a Theme of Bartók

Frederick Koch


Donald Erb

1.  Rather Slowly
2.  Lively
3.  Very Slowly
4.  Very Fast

Arthur Loesser, piano

Three Love Songs to Words by John Donne (1957)

Ross Lee Finney

A Valediction: Of Weeping
A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning
Loves Growth

Alleluia (1946)

Ned Rorem

Marie Kraft, mezzo-soprano
Marianne Mastics, piano

Ode to Napoleon (Lord Byron)

Arnold Schoenberg

Opus 41 (1943)

A. Beverly Barksdale, reciter
Nancy Voigt, piano
Marcel Dick, conductor
Giorgio Ciompi, violin
Roberta Strawn Golden, violin
Muriel Carmen, viola
Bonita Potts, violincello

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