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The Fortnightly Musical Club
A Program of Music for Young Musicians
written by
Cleveland Composers

Sunday, April 1, 1962 at 2:30pm
Cleveland Museum of Art



Rudolph Bubalo

for Timpani and Brass


Herbert Elwell
arr. Robert Nelson

Wind Ensemble form the Cleveland Heights High School Band
Kaarlo Mackey, director

Prelude I

Herbert Elwell

Janet Selcer, piano

Doll Suite

Frederick Koch

Susie's Waltz
Golliwog's Dance

Ruth Fischer and Mary Lee Barth, piano

Uriah Heep

Raymond Wilding-White

Inspector Lastrade

Mary Leeson McNelly, piano

Sebastian, the Cat

Barbara Nemish, piano

Mack Sennett

William Lucky, piano

String Quartet

Raymond Wilding-White

Student Workshop

String Trio and Canon

Klaus George Roy

Student Workshop
Harriet Goler and Edward Ormond, directors

Three Learning Pieces for Piano Op. 50

Klaus George Roy

Triad Fanfare

Kenneth Patti, piano

Over the "C"

Ann Womer, piano

A Dozen Gremlins

Laurie White, piano


Susan Krausz

Sally Kramer and Nancy Warren, piano

Four Scenes from Childhood

Pat Pace

A Village Auction

Judy Willoughby, piano

David and Goliath

Victor Bain

David's Battle and Victory

Sally Hachen and Andrea Gallin, piano

The Israelites Dance and Rejoice

David Pasquale and Donna Jean Guenther, piano

Kite Flying

Bain Murray

Heidi Greenwald, piano

The March
Russian March

Bain Murray

Elizabeth Gockel, piano

Hopi Flute Song

Bain Murray


Thou Hast Given God to Me

Starling Cumberworth

Cleveland Music School Settlement Chorus
John Shurtleff, director
Judy Hoch and Emilie Bogart, accompanists


Student Original Compositions



Richard M. Schwartz
Larry Porter

Junior High
William Lucky
Ruth Ann Kurzbauer, honorable mention
Thomas G. MacGowna

High School
Michael Flaksman
Dennis Eberhard

Robert Lucas
Don Lucas
Lisa Bailey
Diane Mull
Nancy Moster


The Great Voices

Thomas G. MacGowen, Jr.

Marlene Land, soprano
Sheila Angell, mezzo-soprano
accompanied by composer

Rhapsodic Variations

Michael Flaksman

Ruth Ann Kurzbauer, piano

String Quartet

Dennis Eberhard


Leo Siciliano
Richard Ziegler
Paula Kuta
David Pasquale

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