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Monday, April 16, 1962 at 8:30pm
Strosacker Auditorium
Case Institute of Technology


Piano Sonata (1957)

Pat Pace

Allegro Vivace

Pat Pace, piano

Reflections - Four Songs for Voice, Solo French Horn and Strings (1954)

David Epstein
(guest composer)

1.  Cuckoo  (Gerald Manley Hopkins)
2.  Strike, churl  (Hopkins)
3.  Spring and Fall - Lullaby (Hopkins)
4.  Interlude for Horn and Strings
5.  To Sleep (John Keats)

Marie Simmelink Kraft, mezzo-soprano
Bertrand Chernin, horn
Marcel Dick, conductor
Phillip Naegele, concertmaster
Leonard Samuels, Hyman Schandler and William Brown, violins
Frederick Funkhouser and Tom Brennand, violas
Ernst Silberstien and Bonita Potts, 'cello
Jacques Posell and Harry Barnoff, double basses



Dramatic Soliloquy for Piano (1961)

Jane Corner

Arthur Loesser, piano

Quartet for Strings No. 4 (1955)

Arthur Shepherd (1880-1958)

I.  Adagio - Allegro Moderato
II.  Allegro Vivace
III.  Adagio
IV.  Allegro Moderato

The Koch String Quartet
Joseph Koch, violin
Leonard Samuels, violin
Edward Ormond, viola
Donald White, 'cello

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