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  6th May Festival
Contemporary Music
The Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Composers Guild
The Fortnightly Musical Club

presents the fifth program

May 20, 1964 at 8:30pm


String Quartet No. 2 (1948)

Starling Cumberworth

Allegro con moto - Andante - Allegro - Adagio: Allegro

James Barrett, violin
Max Hobart, violin
Tom Brennand, viola
Warren Downs, 'cello
The Dark Chamber (Louis Untermeyer) (1958)

Howard Whittaker

Four Jatovsky Songs (Juli Nunlist) (1958)

Juli Nunlist

Stephen looks at Naomi, his daughter
Lyuba, my sister
An expression of pity for the people who live in Appletree Lane

In the Mountains (original poem by Chang Yu)

Herbert Elwell

American Psalm (David Morton)

Herbert Elwell

Louise McClelland, mezzo-soprano
Shirley Anderson, piano
Two Pieces for Solo Violin (1962)

Linda Muhlert

Tenderly - Cappriciously

Sue Fulghum, violin
There came a wind like a bugle (Emily Dickinson) (1955)

David Epstein

Berceuse (H.L. Rittener) (1963)

Susan Krausz

The Clean Dispatch of Dying, Op. 19 (Francis Maguire) (1951)

Klaus George Roy

The Charm
Help them, Heaven
Old Bones' Tale

Faye Liebman, soprano
Susan Krausz, piano

Woodwind Quintet (1963)

Bain Murray

Adagio elegiaco
Allegro scherzando
Moderato:quasi fantasia

The Youngstown University Woodwind Quintet
Walter Mayhall, flute
Loyal Mould, oboe
Charles Aurand, clarinet
Donald Byo, bassoon
Lois Hopkins, French horn

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