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  6th May Festival
Contemporary Music
Case Institute of Technology,
Strosacker Auditorium

Case Institute of Technology
presents the first program

Concert of Electronic, Experimental Music and Cinematography

May 5, 1964 at 8:30pm


Metals '64 (Aleatoric construction with audience participation)(In the Case Courtyard)

Raymond Wilding-White

Song of the Second Moon (electric and concerte)

Tom Dissevelt and Kid Balton (Holland-Phillips)

Documentary Film: Homage to Jean Tinguely
Symphonie pour un homme seul (concrete)

Pierre Schaffer (France - R.D.F.)

Dripsody (concrete)

Hugh Le Caine (Ottawa, Canada - N.R.C.)

Phonosophobe, Part I (electronic)

Bernard Parmegiani (France - R.D.F)

0'0" Solo to be performed in any way by anybody (aleatoric)

John Cage (USA)


Brent Hambregeaus (Italy - R.I.A.)

Five Short Films

George Manupelli (USA - C.S.E.M. Ann Arbor)

1.  A film for hooded projector  (sound: G. Manupelli)
2.  I love you, do not be afraid  (sound: R. Ashley)
3.  Say nothing about this to anyone  (sound: G. Mumma)
4.  I must see you regarding a mtter aof utmost urgency  (sound: R.Ashley)
5.  If you leave me I will kill myself  (sound: G. Mumma)


The University of Illinois Contemporary Chamber Players

Round (1964) (aleatoric)

Charles Hamm

Gnomes (1964) (two channel tape)

Burt Levy

Knocking Piece (1962)

Benjamin Johnston

Computer Composition (1964)

Herbert bun

Computer Studies (1963)

Lejaren Hiller and Robert Baker

Machine Music (1964) (piano, percussion, and two channel tape)

Lejaren Hiller

Patrick Purswell, flute
Ernest Bastein, trumpet
Thomas Fredrickson, bass
Phyllis Rappaport, piano
Thomas Sidwe, Jack McKenzie, percussion

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