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Cleveland Music School Settlement

Tuesday, November 22, 1966 at 8:30pm


Inquiry for Piano (1964)

Fred Coulter

James Avery, piano

Capriccio for Violin, 'Cello and Piano

John Rinehart

The Heidelberg Trio
Ronald Pepper, violin
Jean Moore, 'cello
John Rinehart, piano

Palatine Songs (1956)

Russell Smith

1.  by Macedonius the Consul
2.  by Alcaeus
3.  by Meleager

Eileen Davis, soprano
Stephen Portman, conductor
Bertrand Chernin, horn
Diane Mather, 'cello
Frederic Cohen, clarinet
Joseph Adato, percussion


Diversion for Two (other than sex) (1965)

Donald Erb

1.  Allegro moderato
2.  Adagio
3.  Moderato

Martin Zielinski, trumpet
Richard Weiner, percussion

Three James Joyce Songs (1964)

John White

1.  Now, O now, in this brown land
2.  Simples
3.  At this hour when all things have repose

Eleanor Anop, contralto
John White, piano

The Trees (ballet score) (1949)

Raymond Wilding-White

Nancy Uffleman, flute
Elizabeth Camus, oboe
Alan Balter, clarinet
Kenneth Wagner, bassoon
Lawrence Ferris, trumpet
Marcia Krausz, 'cello
Michael Burke, piano
Gerald Ensign, trombone
Lisa Wellbaum, harp
Jeffrey Lewis, percussion
Raymond Wilding-White, conductor

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