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Monday, March 28, 1966 at 8:30pm


Fragment Study (1964)

Jack Johnston

Maurice Sharp, flute
Martin Zielinski, trumpet
Joseph Koch, violin
Thomas Dumm, viola
Donald White, 'cello

Music for Brass and Percussion (1964)

Rudolph Bubalo

Harry Herforth, trumpet
David Zauder, trumpet
Roy Waas, horn
Warren Burkhart, trombone
Chester Roberts, tuba
Joseph Adato, percussion
William Currier, percussion

"Nostalgicon" (1964-65)

Klaus George Roy

Nine retrospective Pieces for Piano

1.  Shadings, Op. 55 (for B. and A.G.)

"Unexpected Guest" - "Home Visit" - "Black and White"

2.  Three Saying, Op. 56 (for M.C.)

"Parable" - "Curse" - "Blessing"

3.  Trifolium, Op. 61 (for E.P.)

"Romanza" - "Gymnodaktylle" - "Scherzino"

Sonata for Piano No. 1 (1951)

Roman Ryterband

1.  Allegro con brio
2.  Adagio ed appassionato
3.  Con impeto, quasi presto

Eunice Podis, piano


Sonata for Violin and Piano No. 2 (1959)

Elie Siegmeister

1.  Allegro con fuoco
2.  Allegro ritmico
3.  Adagio non troppo
4.  Vivo con spirito

Jerome Gross, violin
James Levine, piano
(By courtesy of the Cleveland Friends of Music)

"In Mirkwood", For Electric Tape (1966)

Craig Bourne

"Synchronisms No. 3" for 'Cello and Electronic Sounds (1965)

Mario Davidovsky

John White, 'cello

(The electronic music sections of this program were produced at the Case Studio for Experimental Music, R Wilding-White, director; W. Hemsath, technical advisor)
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