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8th May Festival
Contemporary Music
The Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Composers Guild
The Fortnightly Musical Club

presents the fifth program

May 18, 1966 at 8:30pm


Evocation (for Bascom and Sue Little) (1965)

Hale Smith

Moderately slow (flexible)

Cocktail Music for Piano (1962)

Salvatore Martirano

Nancy Viogt, piano

"Jetzt" (Rainer Maria Wilke) (1966)

Susan Krausz

(from das Buch von der Pigerschaft)

Three Exotic Chinese Songs (1966)

Starling Cumberworth

1.  The Shadow of a Leaf (Tin Tun-ling) (772-845)
2.  When the Sun Rose (Li Chuang-chia) (1703-58)
3.  Tip Toeing to Her Lover (Prince Li Yu) (10th century)

Margaret Hauptmann, soprano
Nancy Keen, piano

Sonata for Clarinet and 'Cello (1966)

Julius Drossin

1.  Slow
2.  Wistful
3.  Waltz-like
4.  Fast

Frederic Cohen, clarinet
Julius Drossin, 'cello

from "Spells" (Kathleen Raine) (1963)

Juli Nunlist

for Mixed Unaccompanied Chorus

3.  Spell Against Sorrow
5.  Spell to bring lost Creatures home
6.  Spell of Creation

Out of the Stars (Robert T. Weston) (1964)

Bain Murray

for mixed chorus, string quartet and alto flute
First Unitarian Church Choir, Hugh Johnson, director
Dorothy Mauney, violin
Gloria Johnson, violin
Karen Pugh, viola
Jean Moore, 'cello
Linda Krebs, alto flute

Concert Piece 1 (1966)

Donald Erb

for alto saxophone and jazz ensemble
Case Institute Stage Band
Charles Boroni, alto saxophone
Albert Blaser, director

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