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The Cleveland Composers Guild
The Fortnightly Musical Club

Cleveland State University

Sunday, November 23, 1969 at 8:30pm
Panel Hall


Lyric Piece for Viola and Piano (1969)

Walter Watson

Raymond Montoni, viola
Walter Watson, piano

Soundpiece for Piano (1969)

Rudolph Bubalo

Jane Young, piano

Sonata for Clarinet and 'Cello (1963)

Julius Drossin

I.  Slow
II.  Wistful
III.  Waltz-like
IV.  Cadenza - Fast

Albert Blaser, clarinet
Julius Drossin, 'cello

Expostulations for Flute, Piano, Percussion and Choir (1969)

Frederick Koch

Thomas Kruggel, flute
Thomas Hammett, percussion
Frederick Koch, piano
Choir members from the Koch School of Music


Fantasy for Recorder and Piano (1968)

Jocelyn Goodwin

Jocelyn Goodwin, recorder
Marcellene Hawk, piano

Sonata for Unaccompanied Viola (1955)

Jose Serebrier

Edward Ormond, viola

"3 by 3" (1968)

Leonard Smith

Adrienne Greenbaum, flute
Nancy Luther, flute
Kazuo Tokito, alto flute

Julia Fischelson, 'cello
David Aks, 'cello
Robert Sikkema, contrabass

Rich Pressley, trumpet
Gary Burke, trumpet
Scott Brubaker, horn

William Matthews, conductor

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