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Eighty-First Season
The Fortnightly Musical Club

Presents a Program of Music Featuring Members of

The Cleveland Composers Guild

Sunday, April 27, 1975 at 4:00 pm
The Cleveland Museum of Art


Two Pieces for Janie

Jules Drossin

Jane Saks, 'cello
Dolores Knowlton, piano


Presentation of Student Composition Winners

What a Song
Plexiglass Catacombs
North Woods Suite

Andrew Wilson
Debbie Boon
Scott Frankl
Janice Meyer

Pines in a Storm
Childrens Farewell to the Woods (Rondo

Janice Meyer, piano
Jeanette Drinkall Meyer, violin
Elaine Hiller, 'cello

Little Waltz

Susan Krausz

Merry Walk
Indian Dance
Happy Mood

Harlan Karp

Introduction and Fantasy

Joseph Leotta

Daniel Judy, accordion (guest)


Walter P. Winzenburger

On a Rainy Day
By the Lake

Paul Baker, violin
Janice Meyer, violin
David Thrall, violin
Jeanette Drinkall Meyer, piano

Learning to Walk

Bain Murray

Elizabeth Lampl


Juli Nunlist

A Piano Tuners Lullaby

Debbie Boone


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