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The Cleveland Composers Guild
The Fortnightly Musical Club

presents an

Exchange Program with the Union of Polish Composers (Warsaw, Poland)

Sunday, February 15, 1976 at 8:00pm
CSU Main Classroom Auditorium


Interpretations for Flute, Tape and Percussion (1967)

Kristina Moszumanska-Nazar

Susan Bambert, flute
Marta Ptaszynska, percussion

Sonant for Piano (1967)

Tomasz Sikorski

composer performing

Stress for Percussion and Tape (new version)


Marta Ptaszynska, percussion

Images in Wood (1975)

Marta Ptaszynska

I.  Statico
II.  Movimento

Susan Bambert, flute
John Weigand, clarinet
Donald Kubec, bass clarinet
James Marshall, bassoon


Audition for Flute, 'Cello and Piano (1970)

Marek Stachowski

Barbara Peterson, flute
Stephen Ilg, 'cello
James Primosch, piano

Project for Tape and Piano

Boguslaw Schaeffer

Andrzej Dutkiewicz, piano

Fantasmagoria (1971)

Kazimierz Serocki

Marta Ptaszynska, percussion
James Primosch, piano

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