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David Burge

in a
Program of Contemporary Piano Music

co-sponsored by
Cleveland State University
Bascom Little Fund

Sunday, April 25, 1976 at 8:00pm
CSU Main Classroom Auditorium


Improvisations for Piano (1961)

Rudolph Bubalo

In three movements

Across a Circle (1966)

Kenneth N. Timm

Reflexices (1975)

Joseph Hudson

For Piano and Tape

Claude et Francois (1975)

Katherine M. Warne


Makrokosmos, Volume II (1973)

George Crumb

Twelve fantasy pieces after the zodiac for amplified piano

Part I:

1.  Morning Music (Genesis II)  Cancer
2.  The Mystic Chord  Sagittarius
3.  Rain-Death Variations  Pisces
4.  Twin Suns (Doppelgänger aus der Ewigkeit)  Gemini

Part II:

5.  Ghost-Nocturne: for the Druids of Stonehenge (Night-Spell II)  Virgo
6.  Gargoyles  Taurus
7.  Tora!  Tora!  Tora! (Cadenza Apocalittica)  Scorpio
8.  A Prophecy of Nostradamus  Aries

Part III:

9.  Cosmic Wind  Libra
10.  Voices from "Coronoa Borealis"  Aquarius
11.  Litany of the Galactic Bells  Leo
12.  Agnus Dei  Capricorn

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