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Music by members of
The Cleveland Composers Guild
The Fortnightly Musical Club
as performed by
The Robert Page Singers

Sunday, May 16, 1993 at 4:00pm
Guzzetta Recital Hall
The University of Akron



Micah D. Rubenstein

(text by composer)

Time in the Rock

David S. Bernstein

(text by Conrad Aiken)

Two Preludes to Definition

Prelude XV
Prelude XXXIII

Mlle. Gerta
Clarence in the Seafood Palace

Thomas Janson

(texts by Elizabeth Handel)

O My Blacke Soul!

James Waters

(text by John Donne)

Excerpts from Mary Stuart: A Queen Betrayed

Bain Murray

(libretto by Leonard Trawick)

Act II, Scene I: Processional
Queen's Anthem: Now Let Us Sing
Epilogue I: In Angel's Weed: Mary Stuart's Elegy
Weep England, Scotland, France
Rue Not My Death

Eileen Moore, soprano soloist



Jimmie's got a goil from A Choral Triptych

Delores White

(text by E. E. Cummings)

Sister Dear
There She Walks

Katherine Mulky-Warne

(texts by Margaret A. Perrin)

In an Ancient Cathedral

Loris Ohannes Chobanian

Eileen Moore, soprano soloist
Allie Laurie, tenor soloist
Todd Ranney, baritone soloist
Glenn Shaft, percussionist

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