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Musart Series
The Cleveland Museum of Art


Music by members of
The Cleveland Composers Guild

Sunday, February 20, 1994 at 3:30pm
Gartner Auditorium



Roslyn Pettibone

Roslyn Pettibone died on November 14, 1993.  This piece is performed in her memory.  Please refrain from applauding at its conclusion
Jeffrey Rathbun, obe
Kathryn Brown, piano

Quadrologues III

David S. Bernstein

for piano and strings

Stephanie Sant'Ambrogio, violin
Mark Jackobs, viola
Charles Bernard, 'cello
Kathryn Brown, piano




Frank Wiley

Joshua Smith, flute

String Quartet No. 2

Frederic Lissauer

I.  Arioso
II.  Recitativo
III.  Scherzo
IV.  Fuga all giga

Stephanie Sant'Ambrogio, violin
Molly Fung, violin
Mark Jackobs, viola
Charles Bernard, 'cello

Presence Among Us

Jonathan B. McNair

(after a text by Archibald MacLeish)

Jeffrey Rathbun, oboe
David McGill, bassoon
Richard King, horn
Stephanie Sant'Ambrogio, violin
Tom Freer, marimba
Yolanda Kondonassis, harp
Rebecca Fischer and Michael Regnier, narrator

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