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Creativity: Learning Through Experience

The Cleveland Composers Guild
presents a concert of new works written for students from
The Cleveland Music School Settlement
and The Junior Fortnightly Club

11125 Magnolia Drive
Sunday, April 24, 1994 at 3:00 pm


Fanfare and MarchStephen T. Griebling
Adam Hill, Trumepet (8th grade, Shaker Heights Middle School)
Justin Mercavich, Trumpet (8th grade, Shaker Heights Middle School)
Harry Herforth, Teacher
B<>Flute Loops (a cereal piece)Linda Allen
Sean Malone, Flute (11th grade, Shaker Heights High School)
Andrew Malone, Piano (9th grade, Shaker Heights High School)
Bethalee Harpst, Teacher
ImprovisationGerald Evans
Jamie Sanders, Piano (8th grade, Memorial Junior High School)
Ann Molnar, Teacher
Two MoodsEdith Reed
Diedre MacPhearson, Violin (11th grade, Cleveland Heights High School)
Molly Kirsch, 'Cello (8th grade, Roxboro Middle School)
Bert Siegel and Donald White, Teachers
Lachrymations for a Kindred SpiritArthur Hernandez
Katie Hirschfeld, Clarinet (11th grade Beaumont School)
Matt Hirschfeld, Alto Saxophone (8th grade, Roxboro Middle School)
David Adamson, Teacher
PolarityFrederick Koch
Jeremy Swider, Violin (9th grade, Cleveland Heights High School)
Graham Blackwell, Violin (9th grade, Cleveland Heights High School)
Helen Richards, Teacher
SerenadeKatherine Mulky-Warne
Ben Elder, 'Cello (7th grade, Brady Middle School)
Sam Elder, Piano (9th grade, Orange High School)
Nicholas Underhill, Teacher
Encounter at MidnightMarshall Griffith
Joyce Fu, Piano (11th grade, Brecksville High School)
Robert Mayerovich, Teacher
ZigzaggingMary Ann Griebling
Aaron Greenspan, French Horn (5th grade, Woodbury Elementary School)
Nancy Brittain, Piano
Nancy Curtiss, Teacher
BocadilloMargaret Griebling-Haigh
Evan Kleve, Violin (7th grade, Bay Middle School)
Charles Michelson, Piano (10th grade, St. Ignatious High School)
Jeannette Meyer and Coren Kleve, Teachers
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