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Creativity: Learning Through Experience

The Cleveland Composers Guild
presents a concert of new works written for students from
The Cleveland Music School Settelement
and The Junior Fortnightly Club

11125 Magnolia Drive
Sunday, April 23, 1995 at 3:00 pm


Two Season in Year 1995Jane Young
Kana Mitsushio, Piano
Coren Kleve, Teacher
Free as a BirdDonald Sloan
Kristen Hampshire, Flute
Debbie Cha, Piano
Linda White and Alisia Rinehart, Teachers
WhispersKatherine Mulky-Warne
Jessica Stuart, Piano
Coren Kleve, Teacher
ImaginingsJennifer Conner
Pictures in the Clouds- Adagio
The Five-Legged Gallapigus- Lumbering
Things That Go Bump in the Night- Slow- Mysterious
Happily Ever After- Lively
Joy Payton-Stevens, 'Cello
Joshua Chang, 'Cello
Donald White, Teacher
Vuelo NocturnoArthur Hernandez
Robert Davis, Clarinet
Robert McAllister, Teacher
Flights of FancyFrederick Koch
Lydia Lee, Piano
Robert Mayerovitch, Teacher
Patches of BlueDelores White
Alison Blotzer, 'Cello
Coren Kleve, Teacher
The Bridgetower SonataJeffrey Quick
Allegro risoluto ma un poco funkamente
Wanda Sobieska, Violin
Joshua Kidd, Piano
Jacek Sobieski, Teacher
Reflective ImagesRalph Turek
Katy Boros, Piano
Terrence Gooden, Piano
Ella Karasik, Teacher
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