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Creativity: Learning Through Experience

The Cleveland Composers Guild
presents a concert of new works written for students from
The Cleveland Music School Settelement

11125 Magnolia Drive
Sunday, April 21, 1996 at 3:00 pm


Psalm 120Michael Leese
Tiffany Gates, Soprano (11th grade, Valley Forge high School)
Jocelyn Chang, Dilling Harp (guest artist)
Christina Price, Teacher
Multicolored Sonata for Two TrumpetsHalim El Dabh
Davis McKinney, Trumpet
Brian Kleve, Trumpet
Dale Kleve, Teacher
Chanson InnocentFrederick Koch
Kana Mitsushio, Piano
Coren Kleve, Teacher
Reed RaptureMary Ann Griebling
Kate Goheen, Bassoon (9th grade, Shaker Heights High School)
Nancy Brittain, Piano (CMSS)
Phillip Austin, Teacher
Semi-SuiteJohn Ferritto
Cockeyed Waltz- Somewhat Blues- Keyless Polka
Kai Mitsushio, Piano
Jason Leither, Piano
Corin Kleve, Teacher
A Commuter's Confromtation
Midnight Myopia
Chuck Michelson
Chuck Michelson, Piano (12th grade, St. Ignatious High School)
Coren Kleve, Teacher
A Step Along the Alpine PathJennifer Conner
Heather Thayer, Horn (12th grade, Geneva High School)
Nancy Brittain, Piano
Nancy Curtiss, Teacher
Two MoodsGerald Evans
Alexander Vaserfirer, Piano
Dina Khudayberdieva, Teacher
School's OutEdith Reed
Dan Lindsey, Trumpet (11th grade, Cleveland Heights High School)
Ellina Rodova, Piano (CMSS)
Harry Herforth, Teacher
Copy CatDonald Sloan
Evan Kleve, Violin
Lydia Lee, Piano
Terri Pontremoli and Robert Mayerovich, Teachers
Signs of SpringLisa Rainsong
Jeremy Swider, Violin (11th grade, Cleveland Heights High School)
Janna Greer, Viola (11th grade, Beaumont)
Amanda Solem, 'Cello (12th grade, Hudson High School)
Helen Richards, Teacher
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