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  The Cleveland Composers' Guild
of the
Fortnightly Musical Club

Allie Laurie, tenor
Eileen Moore, soprano
Judith Ryder, piano

Songs by Cleveland Composers

October 26, 1997, at 3:oo pm
Christ Episcopal Church
3445 Warrensville Center Rd.
Shaker Heights, OH

Made possible by the Bascom Little Fund



From In Singing Weather (Maggie Anderson) Niki Houghton

II. Scherzando (In Indian summer...)
VI. Lento (At the winter solstice...)
VII.  Andantino (Even the breathless dead...)


Three Songs for Bain Jeffrey Quick

I.  After Psalm 90 (Watts)
II.  In the Grave No Flower (Millay)
III.  Whispers of Heavenly Death (Whitman)


Four Glimpses of Night (Frank Marshall Davis)
Night Song (Langston Hughs)


Dolores White
Eulalie (Poe)
Lost Mistress with Sisters (Quick)
Be Still as You are Beautiful (Patrick MacDonough)


Jeffrey Quick


First Fig (Millay)


Stephen T. Griebling
Autograph (Janice Power)


Frederick Koch
The Lament of the Very Proud Button Back Chair


Mary Ann Griebling
Eldorado (Poe)


Jeffrey Quick
From A Cycle of Songs to Poetry of Walt Whitman Frederick Koch

The Last Invocation
A Noisless Patient Spider


I Think I Could Turn and Live with Animals (Whitman)


Lisa Rainsong
Loving You Less Than Life (Millay)
Song for Young Lovers in a City (Millay)
What Lips My Lips Have Kissed (Millay)


Margaret Griebling-Haigh
Jerusalem (from Eleven Songs on Poems of William Blake, Op. 9)


Fredric Lissauer
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