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Creativity: Learning Through Experience

The Cleveland Composers Guild
presents a concert of new works written for students from
The Cleveland Music School Settelement
and The Junior Fortnightly Musical Club

11125 Magnolia Drive
Sunday, April 20, 1997 at 3:00 pm


Shapes and Phrases
Delores White
Sasha Ross, Piano (9th grade)
Jeanne Andelman, Teacher
More Airplane MusicKatherine Warne
Grace Lee, Violin (age 10)
Lydia Lee, Piano
Jeanette Meyer, Teacher
It's a Wonderful Dream!
(Text: Allan Ginsburg, Judy Berke)
Chris Brown
Nicole Cosgrove, Soprano (11th grade)
Shannon Nelson, Alto (10th grade)
Jae-won Lee, Piano
Christina Price, Teacher
Lithograph, Op. 31John Ferritto
Josef Aponte, Piano (age 15)
Coren Kleve, Teacher
Maximilian Brugelheimer Goes to HollywoodJennifer Conner
Scene 1: Starstruck Journey West
Scene 2: The Screen Test
Scene 3: Maximilian Meest Mlle. Georgette
Scene 4: Bandits, Heroes, and Happy Endings
Kevin Babuder, Bassoon (12th grade)
Inez Irawati, Piano (CIM)
Phillip Austin, Teacher
Twenty Cents a DanceMarshall Griffith
Raoul Aponte (age 14 and Sean Kleve (age 12), Piano
Coren Kleve, Teacher
Dulce Et Decorum Est Pro Patria MoriSam Elder
Sam Elder, MIDI Realization (12th grade)
Richard Franks, Teacher
Medievel SuiteSean Kleve
The Troubador
On the Battlefield
Sean Kleve, Piano
The 278 BlowsJeffrey Quick
Brandon White, Trumpet (11th grade)
Tatyana Tolmacheva, Piano (CMSS)
Harry Herforth, Teacher
Walking on the SidewalkHalim El Dabh
Elizabeth Barth, Piano (age 11)
Dale Kleve, Teachers
TriplicityLisa Rainsong
Laura Love, Flute (11th grade)
John Shen, Clarinet (11th grade)
Eugenia McAllister and Robert McAllister, Teachers
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