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Creativity: Learning Through Experience

The Cleveland Composers Guild
presents a concert of new works written for the students of the
Junior Fortnightly Musical Club
and the
Cleveland Music School Settelment

Glick Recital Hall
The Cleveland Music School Settelment
11125 Magnolia Drive, Cleveland
Sunday, April 26, 1998 at 3:00


Coquin' ArenaMargi Griebling-Haigh
Flautrageous (CMSS Flute Choir: Mary Kay Ferguson, director)
Margi Griebling-Haigh, Conductor; Rebecca Williams, Piccolo
Tom Brown, Stan Gerson, Ruth Gerson,
Renee McDermott, Sherry Beer, Dan Williams, Flute
Carolyn Ermlick, Alto Flute
David Toler, Douglas Berry, Bass Flute
SolusMichael Leese
Gillian Boyd, 11th grade, trumpet (student of Harry Herforth)
The Lake at TwilightMarshall Griffith
Alison Blotzer, 9th grade, 'Cello
Kana Mitsushio, 10th grade, Piano (students of Coren Kleve)
ImpertinentFrederick Koch
Brian Keve, 11th grade, trumpet (student of Kathy Musat)
Jonathon Cernan, 11th grade, piano (student of Coren Kleve)
ToccataMary Ann Griebling
Stephanie Rue, 10th grade, piano (student of Jae Won Lee)
For All Things a SeasonJennifer Conner
Rachel Kaplan, 8th grade, flute (student of Eugenie McAllister
Rajli Bicolli, 8th grade, cello (student of Charles Griffith)
Tatyana Tolmacheva, piano (CMSS)
Music for Two Pianos, Percussion, and a Little Friendly Rivalry Paul Gothard
Jason Leither, 6th grade, piano (student of Coren Kleve)
Kai Mitsushio, 6th grade, piano (student of Coren Kleve)
Sean Kleve, 8th grade, percussion (student of Andrew Pongracz)
Kleine Satz, Op. 32John Ferritto
Carrie Klayman, 11th grade, violin
Helen Richards, violin (CMSS)
Dominic De Stefano, 11th grade, viola
Caroline Duke, 12th grade, 'cello
(chamber music students of Helen Richards)
NocturneDonald Sloan
Christina Hocevar, 12th grade, soprano (student of Christina Price)
Stacy Fulton, 10th grade, piano (student of Ella Karasik)
Harmonic EtudeStephen Griebling
Julia Agranova, 11th grade, piano (student of Ella Karasik)
Strut & StaggerJeffery Quick
Kate Goheen, 12th grade, bassoon (student of Phillip Austin)
Tatyana Tolmacheva, piano (CMSS)
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