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The Cleveland Composers Guild
of the Fortnightly Musical Club of Cleveland


Chamber Music by Cleveland Composers

Morley Music Hall
Lake Erie College
Plainsville, OH
Sunday, May 17, 1998 at 3:00

Made possible by a generous grant from the Bascom Little Fund


Sonata for Violin and Piano
"Shimmers from an Indigo Dusk", Op. 27
Fredric Lissauer
Allegretto Grazioso
Adagio Comodo
Allegro Toccamente
Kia-Hui Tan, Violin
Eric Charnofsky, Piano
Menage a Trois (1997)Niki Houghton
(in three movements)
Rong Yan Tang, Violin
Bjorn Ranheim, 'Cello
Shan-shan Sun, Piano
Divertimento in C (1994)Jeffrey Quick
I. Stephen's Tune
II. Aubade
III. A Cute Minuet
IV. Jimmy's March
Linda Miller, Flute
Kia-Hui Tan, Violin
Diana Packer, Viola
Rosalind Graham, 'Cello
Three Fairy TalesMarcia Kraus
(texts by Marcia Kraus, after Hans Christian Anderson)
I. The Emperor and the Nightingale
II. The Little Mermaid
III. The Ugly Duckling
Bede Hanley, Oboe
Christina Price, Soprano
Elizabeth DeMio, Piano
KlavierstückMichael Leese
Mark George, Piano
The Bird of 400 VoicesDennis Eberhard
Gino Raffaelli, Violin
Mark George, Piano
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