Publications-Dr. Richard Londraville

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2012-15           NIH  “A Test of Leptin's Central Function in Zebrafish” $435,000 (RLL PI)

2011-14           NIH  “Protocaderin 17 and 9 function in Retinal Development” $445,000 (RLL Co-PI)

2009-10           NIH ARRA Supplement “Research lab experience for Buchtel High School students” $14,500 (RLL PI)

2008-13           Ohio Board of Regents/Ohio Consortium for Bioinformatics/Choose Ohio First Scholarship Program $282000 (Duan PI, RLL Co-PI)

2008-11           NIH “Characterization of leptin’s effects in early developing and adult zebrafish” $220,500 (RLL PI, Q.Liu and B.Bagatto Co-PI’s)

2007-10           NIH “Cadherin 6 and -10 Function in the Retinal Ganglion and Amacrine Cell   Development” $220,500 (Q.Liu P.I., RLL Co-PI)

2007-8             Integrated Bioscience Program “Establishing a Proteomics Core” $7000

2001-04  NSF “Connecting Research and Teaching with Inquiry-Based Biology Laboratories” $99,979

2003-05  NSF “Proteomics as a Tool for Cloning Leptin from Fence Lizard Sceloperus undulatus” $80,019

2001-02 NSF, NSF “Isolating and Characterizing the fat-regulating hormone Leptin in the fence lizard”;, $80,000 Co-PI with Dr. Peter Niewiarowski.

2000-03 NIH,  “Leptin Structure and Function in Green Sunfish”; $134,500

2001       OBR    Ohio Board of Regents Research Challenge Award;  $20,000

1998-00 SeaGrant, "Development of a Non-Destructive Molecular Probe for Whole-Body Fat Stores in Largemouth Bass"; $89,974

1999 Spring Faculty Research Fellowship, Univ. of Akron; $5500

1999 Summer Teaching Academy Fellowship, Univ. of Akron, $4800

1999 Research Challenge II equipment grant, Univ. of Akron, $75,100

1998 Summer Faculty Research Fellowship, Univ. of Akron; $8000

1997 Summer Faculty Research Fellowship, Univ. of Akron; $6000


2012   Nominated for Faculty Mentor of the Year Award

2009    Project GRAD Honoree

2009    Nominated for Faculty Mentor of the Year Award

2007   Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences Service Award

2006     Top 2 ‘Best Practices” courses in Biology, Advanced Placement College Board, Center for Educational Policy Research, Eugene Oregon

2005     Outstanding Visiting Professor, Stone Laboratory, Ohio State University

2004     Ohio Magazine Excellence in Education Award

2004     Northeast Ohio Council on Higher Education Award for Teaching Excellence

2004     University of Akron Outstanding Teacher/Scholar Award

2003     Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Award



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