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University of Akron-Dept Biology

The Biology Department faculty are deeply interested in what happens to our graduates once they leave the department.  Unfortunately, we only get information when one of you happens to drop us a line or stop in for a visit.  This form is an attempt to collect information more systematically.  We are happy to provide you with a reference-but we need you to tell us what you are up to.  Please fill this out whenever you request a reference from the Biology department, and please return to this page to let us know the outcome of your applications.  You should still request your reference in person-and the professor will refer you here. These data will help the department get more resources for future students.

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Please give us the names of the programs/companies to which you are applying, in order of preference (first choice, second choice, etc.--separate names with a comma).  You only need to give us your top 3.

Please give us a stable email address (one that we can use to contact you ~6 months after you graduate.  Don't worry-we won't barrage you with emails)

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