Mark Dalman-

PhD in Integrated Bioscience 2014

I am using a comparative approach to elucidate the integration of leptin signaling in a simple vertebrate model organism, the zebrafish (Danio rerio). My questions revolve around leptin and its subsequent integration in immune function, development, and metabolism. My Integration for my PhD is poised at the interface of computer science and biology using bioinformatic tools to tackle questions stemming from microarray and next generation sequencing methods.

Caitlin Riley-

MS in Biology 2013


I am examining the role of Leptin in reproduction in both male and female Zebrafish.


Past Grad

2012  M.S. Donnie Copeland Production of Recombinant Carp
Leptin and its Effects On Lipid Metabolism In The Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio).

2006    M.S.     Jeffery Migid              
Fat Metabolism of Sharks

2005    M.S.     Sarah Edmonds            Proteomics on Parasitized Sunfish

2005    M.S.     David Jury                   Proteomics of Zebrafish Liver on High Fat Diet

2001    M.S.     Irene Wolf                   Seasonal effects on leptin in bluegill sunfish

2000    M.S.     Charles S. Duvall 
he effects of leptin on green sunfish (Lepomis cyanellus)

1999    M.S.     Randy M. Johnson        Detection of the fat regulating hormone leptin in fish

1999    M.S.     Deidra R. Tschantz      Variability in Centrarchidae in response to cold acclimation

1998    M.S.     Bradley P. Bowman      Cardiac hypertrophy induced by FABP in rat heart

1998    M.S.     Tyson D. Cramer          Expression of calcium atpase in vertebrate extraocular muscle                                                      


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